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Are you tired of buying antivirus software for your computer(s)?
" Purchase computers that are safe from viruses and virus infections "
  Childcare  Computer System [ Refurbished ]
 Memory -  4  Gigabytes RAM
Processor -  AMD./ Dual core/ Core 2 Duo Processor 1.97 Ghz to 2.3 Ghz
 Hard Drive -  110 to 160  Gigaytes Hard Drive
 Drives - DVD / CDRW Combo Drives
Software -  4   Educational Games, O/S provided games, AntiVirus 
Ports - USB, COM(1), LPT(1)
 Op. System - Linux Operating System
 Display - 17" Flat Screen Monitor
 Input device(s) - USB Keyboard & Mouse, with two(2) Power Chords,  and Video cable
  Cost - $ 259.99 + ( Delivery & Setup Cost($9.50 per computer) )
  Special Instructions:
Delivery cost of  $15.00 is automatically added to the total. The Setup cost of each computer is $9.50 and must be paid before the computer is delivered to you the customer. The Technician / Engineer will setup your computer,  and may atatch  (1) computer to the internet and/or  to a Printer for an additional $45.00.  
  DEBIT/CREDIT Card processing fee
 An additional Fee not exceeding $7.95 may be applied for Credit/Debit Card processing fee.
Only 10 computers are available in stock. (The delivery cost is $25.00) +( Setup is $9.50 per computer )

(J10) - Childcare [single] Computer - [1 PC only ]

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