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Forensic Cyber Security services

Reduce or prevent

' Zero Day Exploits ' 

Protect your Network from

various types of ' Cyber Attacks '

Forensic Analysis and counter measures

" Forensic tools that work "

As Cyber attacks and Cyber exploitation are on the rise, and Hackers continue to focus on ' stealing private and valuable personal information ' by exploiting those weaknesses / vulnerabilities that exist within your website, software and/or computers; MICROTECH is prepared to help your company to create an effective line of defense, against Cyber attacks and HACKERS. Allow us the opportunity to use State- of- the Art tools to identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that Hackers are looking for with the intent to steal your company's emails, company files and documents, intellectual property, Research & Development, plus valuable private information.

Don't wait to find out that " You have been Hacked! " Call MICROTECH before this happens to you.

We have qualified professionals highly trained in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, capable of identifying the cyber actors(Hackers), their motives and intentions, and with strategic forensic analysis pin point why you are the target of hacking. We will provide various reports regarding your company's cyber security posture, vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and work with you to reinforce your ability to reduce or prevent hackers from gaining access to your network.

It is very important for every company to know that regardless of their size, Hackers are always on the lookout

for their next victim. They will exercise' Reconnaissance' and 'Probing' techniques aimed at gathering information about you their target, then deliberately focus on detecting the weaknesses and vulnerabilities within your software or computer network, with the intent to initiate a 'Toehold ' and exploit those security weaknesses for the specific purpose of 'Advancement' and using' Stealth' to setup up a 'Listening post', to install backdoors within your operating system and start the 'Takeover' and control of your network.

" MICROTECH is here to help you ", we will be your first line of defense against hackers. Please give us a call about your cyber security needs and concerns.

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