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" Have your computer(s) been HACKED ? " Hire a Cyber Security Engineer to find out.

Did you know LINUX  is the most secured Operating System of them all. Try  LINUX Mint 20.3

Cyber Security Engineer

Cyber Security & Information Security is one of the most important issues facing every company today. Is your company and customer data secure ?. The security of both your company and customer information is absolutely vital to the success of your business. Hackers are busy trying to access, steal, and sell all your important confidential information. " Did you know that if your computer is attached to the internet, you can be HACKED ? "

Allow MICROTECH the opportunity to try and stop them. Only a Cyber Security Engineer can reduce or possibly prevent a Hacker from stealing your private emails, personal /company files and information. If you use a cell phone, Tablet, IPAD, or a computer on te internet, you are a member of the ' Internet Of things '

** Anti Virus software and a Firewall cannot stop a ' HACKER ' from stealing your information **

The computer tech or network technician who fixes basic computer or networking problems at your home or office, CANNOT tell if your computer(s) or office / home network has been Hacked.

Only an Cyber Security Engineer or Information Security Engineer can, Call MICROTECH @ (813)304-2013, or email us at, and have us protect you from information theft.

" NEVER assume that your computer(s) or network are safe from HACKERS "

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