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Do you have Cyber Security at work? Just imagine that a file on your computer is disguised as a legitimate file, attached to a clandestine malware being used by Hackers to read all your emails and steal your personal and company data - and you dont have a clue that you are the victim of a cyber attack.

Data! what is data? 7 out of 10 companies when asked that question by one of our data analyst, gave the wrong answer. The fact is that so many companies cannot differentiate data from information. As a result of this, so many companies either go out of business, or fail to discover and use data that converts to useful information required to make important business decisions.

" Not understanding how to manipulate data or the value of effective data analysis, is bad for the growth of any company ".

We are hired by companies to teach managers about proper data analysis methods, and to highlight how effective data analysis can cause company growth. Do you have data about your target market? Does your data show the customers purchasing habits? or what primary and secondary products / services they purchase the most? Do you have data that highlight product trends at various times throughout the year? Does your data repositories allow you to run 'queries' that provide answers for effective decision making? Call MICROTECH, " Let us show you how to manipulate your company data to get answers that will increase company profits and cause company growth".

Hire a Data Analytics consultant from MICROTECH and let us show you how to manipulate data for better business decisions. Call us at (800)270-9830 and make an appointment for a Data Analyst to visit your office. Did you know that Microtech is also involved in Cyber Security Management and SIEM data analysis?

- Call MICROTECH today about Data Analysis Services and Cyber Security Management -

Data Analytics Services

Every company need a Data Analyst

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Cyber Security Management

HACKERS are watching, " So are we "

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